Preserving the History and Legacy of

The US Pathfinders



Welcome Pathfinders past, present, and future!!

What is a Pathfinder?

Today's Pathfinders are highly trained soldiers. They perform as combat air traffic controllers capable of establishing landing zones and drop zones for troops or supplies. They control all air traffic into and out of remote sites or established airfields.  Often times they are the first ones into a drop zone or landing zone and the last ones out.  Pathfinders are experts at downed aircraft recovery and personnel extractions. Pathfinders are experts at external slingload rigging and inspections. To read more about the history of the Pathfinders check our general history page.

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NPA member MSG Henry Beck Jr DSC

Our very own member MSG Henry Beck Jr. receives The Distinguished Service Cross for heroic action in Vietnam. MSG Beck was with the 101st Pathfinders and was also a Pathfinder School instructor. Photo credit US Army.