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Current President

CSM (RET) Shawn "Jump or Die" Jones NCOIC Pathfinder School Ft. Campbell

Current Vice President

CSM (RET) Dick McDermott 1/1 Cav, 196th Inf Pfdr, 503rd Aviation Bn Pfdr

Past Presidents

SGM (RET) Eric R. Hunt "Snooky" C Co 509th PIR (PFDR/ABN), 1st Aviation Bde 

LTC (RET) Carl Lagle "Greasegun" 101st PFDR

LTC (RET) William T. Anton "Polar Bear" 101st PFDR (Deceased)

Past Vice Presidents

David McKee "Possum" C Co 509th PIR (PFDR/ABN), 1st Aviation Bde 

COL (RET) Richard D. Gillem "Rucksack 6" 11th PFDR Co (Prov), 1st Cav Div

LTC (RET) Carl Lagle "Greasegun" 101st Pfdr

William Blankenburg "Blink" Pathfinder School Instructor 101st Pfdr


Outgoing MAJ (RET) Dean Nelson "Spanky" 101st Pfdr

NELENT at aol.com

Incoming SFC (RET) Bill Sadlowski 101st and C Co 509th Pfdr


Outgoing LTC (RET) John Norton Jr. "Dash" 101st Pfdr

jnortonjr at comcast.net

Incoming SFC (RET) Gene Roberts C Co 509th Pfdr

Sergeant at Arms


SFC (RET) Robert Fogarty 101st Pfdr


Ken Maynard  "Mike One" 268th CAB, 1st Aviation Bde Pfdr

101st Chapter Governor

CPT (RET) Patrick Dougherty "Dirtball" 101st Pfdr

101st Vice Governor


1st Cavalry Chapter Governor

LTC (RET) Ben Buckley "Blackhat 6" 1st Cav Pfdr

1st Cavalry Vice Governor

Rob Wolaver "Natty Bumpo 6 Mike" 1st Cav Pfdr

r.wolaver at yahoo.com

124th Cavalry Governor

1SG Antonio Retana

124th Cavalry Vice Governor

SFC Randall Richardson

1st Aviation Brigade Governor

Fran Bujnowski "Ski" 145th CAB Pfdr, 82nd Pfdr


Brad Cesarone

C Troop 124th Cav Pfdr

Active Duty Representative


Dick McDermott

Photo Credit Eric Hunt