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2023 Donors Roster
Special Recognition

Diamond Leaders: Donation of $300.00 or more

Jim Mowery

Robert J Fogarty II

Robert Hundley Jr.

Kenneth Hill

Gerald Lahmann

Bob Strosser

Platinum Leaders: Donation of $240.00

Cecil D Thorton

Henry Fellerman

Charles Bloodworth

Gold Leaders: Donation of $180.00

Devon Davidsmeyer

Gary Beirman

Gary Benner

Silver Leaders: Donation of $120.00

Steve Sargent

Tom Moody

Thomas Lasky

James Hill

Bronze Leaders: Donation of $60.00

Robin Sweeton

Daniel Bader

Robert Strasser

Dwight Benton

William Bond

Marcus Pinzel

Total donations for 2023 was $4,235.00. These donations help fund the NPA and its objectives in holding reunions, providing relief to Pathfinders in need, funeral support of deceased Pathfinders, scholarship funding for NPA members children. A grateful thanks to all donors of 2023!


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