Deceased NPA Members

Robert Dolan 2016 

Ronald D. Keenan 25 Jan. 2016 Graduate USMA 1972

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COL Ted Crozier 187th Pfdr Korea NPA Member
Died 9 Jan 2017
Died 21 January 2012
Paddy Gallagher 2016
11th Pfdr Co 1st Cav Vietnam
SGM Lawrence W Coleman
Pathfinder School Instructor
Reed Pelfrey Died 29 Jan 2013
101st Pfdr WWII 502nd PIR Plane 1 Normandy
George J. Murphy Died 22 Aug 2015
52nd Sec Det Pfdrs, 1st Avn Bde Courtesy Murphy Family
George J. Murphy Sr.  22 Aug 2015
52nd Sec Det Pfdr 1st Avn Bde Pfdr Courtesy Murphy family
Paddy Gallagher Died 2016
11th Pfdr Co 1st Cav
Danny Bear Rozier  funeral program
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Dave Berry Died 21 Oct 2017
WWII Pathfinder Historian
LTC William Anton Died 2017
First NPA President. 101st Pathfinder Vietnam. Ranger Hall of Fame. Photo Credit Keith Rodgers Las Vegas Review Journal
LTC Mike Johnson Died 2016
101st Pathfinders Vietnam
John Devanie Died 2017
509th Pathfinder WWII
LTC Stanley Schrader Died 2017
11th CAB 1st Avn Bde Pfdr Commander Vietnam
COL Ted Crozier
187th Pathfinders Korean War
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Ted Houghton
Theodore Houghton Died 4 Mar 2018
Ted was in C Co 509th PIB Pfdrs. Made Combat Jump as a Pathfinder into Italy. Purple Heart, CIB, Airborne, Pathfinder Torch, British Airborne badge
Dave Berry 2015
Dave Berry 2017
Dave Berry 2015
Dave Berry 2015
Dave Berry 2015
Dave Berry
IXth Troop Carrier Pfdr Reunion 2003
Dave Berry MSG Bryant
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Anthony Mandio

517th PIR, 17th Airborne Division Pathfinder Team Operation Dragoon. Bronze Star, Purple Heart. Photo credit Mandio family.

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