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Pathfinder School Graduations WTC

17 November 2023: LTC (Ret) Lee "Chief" Stuart LM #176 was guest speaker for Class 001-24 at Camp Butler, the home of the ARNG Warrior Training Center, which is located on Ft. Moore (Benning), Georgia. He was well 
received by the new Pathfinders and he also pinned the Torch on a number of graduates.
The next list of graduations for those wishing to attend at Camp 
Butler on Ft Moore, GA.
10 May 2024 - Class 004-24
23 August 2024 - Class 006-24
POC is SFC Miller at 706-544-6435

Air Assault School Graduations WTC

22 March 2024: Jason Sakelarios #432 was the guest speaker for Class 005-24 Air Assault School graduation. This was held at the ARNG Warrior Training Center in Camp Butler, Georgia. He was made an honorary Air Assault School Instructor.

Graduation dates for FY 24 are as follows if you wish to attend.

7 June 2024 - Class 007-24

23 August 2024 - Class 009-24

20 September 2024 - Class 010-24

POC is SFC Miller at 706-544-6435

Pathfinder School Graduations - Ft. Campbell Kentucky

16 May 2024 - Class 08-24

21 June 2024 - Class 09-24

25 July 2024 - Class 10-24

22 August 2024 - Class 11-24

20 September 2024 - Class 12-24

If you would like to attend the graduations and represent the NPA, call Adjutant Robert Fogarty at

304-716-1311 or email at so we know you is attending. The address is The Sabalauski Air Assault School 6883 Air Assault Street Ft. Campbell, Kentucky 42223 and the phone number is 270-798-4410. 

3 May 2024 - Pathfinders Ray " Hotrod" Wilkens & Robert "Foghat" Fogarty attended the Vietnam Memorial Mobile Wall in Frisco, Texas. They placed a wreath honoring all Pathfinder KIAs/MIAs during that conflict. They gave a prayer to honor them and read off all the names listed. 

4 May 2024 - Pathfinder Laurie " Lemur 26" Emmer attended the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vigil in Springfield, Illinois and placed a wreath to honor all our Pathfinder KIAs/MIAs

6 June 2024 - NPA Member #4(ASM) Steve Pedone will be a guest speaker at the National Museum of the 8th Air Force in Pooler, Georgia. His father was a Pathfinder Pilot and dropped members of the 101st Pathfinders during the Normandy invasion. We urge all Pathfinders in the area to attend and take part in the event. 

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